İstanbul Rent a Car

Bahçelievler Rent a Car in Istanbul

If you come to Istanbul as a tourist or if you are long time foreigner in the city , you can easily rent a car one of our rental cars . TMZ Rental Cars , is a Bahçelievler rent a car is located in Bahçelievler , Bakırköy , which is very close to Ataturk International Airport. We can plan your arrival and bring the car to the airport and give it to you right there.

As a customer, you can rent a car for few days and also for long time period which will be much cheaper if you compare to daily prices. Istanbul is a big city and there is lots of things to see in each corner of the city. You can enjoy driving with the cars you rented in low prices. You will benefit much when you rent a car in Istanbul.

TMZ Rental Cars provides 2015 model cars with low prices to its customers. You can tell us in detail by contacting, your needs and we can arrange immediately. We can pick you up from the airport and also take the car back in the airport as well. In order to provide you best car rental service, we are, TMZ, checking maintenance of the cars periodically , and renew them each year. You will be totally satisfied , which we can guarantee.

Contact Details

Phone: 0212 505 03 06
Mobil : 0507 047 46 64 – 0532 356 8132
Fax: 0212 505 03 06


Below you can see where TMZ Rental Cars is located  , please do not hesitate to contact us.


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